Thursday, August 25, 2011

learning curve

Wow. Lots going on this week:

School is back in session so I have a three o'clock pick up time again.

But not all schools so I am still coaching and teaching swim lessons

All the over-achieving kids who want their early decision and early actions for next year are asking for extra sessions before September first. One guy who wants West Point hadn't even started his essays.

I started blogging for and had to learn an entirely new desktop publishing tool as quickly as possible, PLUS how to deal with photos in this not so great or likeable tool. (not fun or intuitive). Read the guidelines wrong, thinking I had to post on the Deb WITHIN a certain time, and not AFTER a certain time (oops), so had to take down three posts. (Don’t worry; they will be back up as soon as I can put them back up).

Most of shops have placed their initial knitting orders for fall, so my hands are moving constantly,

And, I have been rediagnosed with walking pneumonia. And the antibiotics are kickin’ my ass, so the one thing I was doing for myself (working out with a personal trainer), I have been told not to do this week.

And Away we go.

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