Sunday, August 14, 2011

up and running

A blog is generally for the person who is writing it. Hopefully the readers get something out of it too, but if they don't, the blog will still have served its' purpose for the writer. This blog is a grown up incarnation of one that I had three years ago, same name, and a zine I started in college, and then picked up again later in grad school. All with the same name. so if you have read me somewhere before, then welcome back, and if you never have and are only here because i am your friend somewhere on the web, rock on, It is delightful to be writing again, and this time, I am hoping to establish something called a platform.

Evidently, in the publishing world these days, you need to establish a readership consisting of blogs, twitters (my twitter name is mhaire - follow me), FB and other social media. Since I am writing a novel (I am almost done, thanks for asking) and love social media, I got pretty excited about this. It is a form of self promotion, which I am not into - (I mean, who wants to be all Timothy Ferris about it), but one I can get behind. The bottom line is that if you don't like how I write or what I have to say, then you won't read or follow me. Fine. Cool. That is the beauty of this type of self-promotion. It is self-selected.

But I hope you do. I hope you do like what I have to say and I hope you do follow me.

Wander around. What else should I have up? What would you like to see?

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  1. I am not into self promotion either. I have found many new readers, and some new friends, by reading the blogs of others. This is not self promotion, but it works as well and is more enjoyable.