Sunday, August 21, 2011

when an angel gets her wings

Today was a good day. After all the usual meeting with clients and cleaning the kitchen, I went to a wine and cheese party to celebrate the publishing of a friend's book. And I found out, her second in the series has also been done gone and published. The Author's name is Heather Haven, and her books are murder mysteries.

She is hilarious. Both in print and real life.

If that were not enough, many of my writer buddies whom I have not seen in a while were there. I am so happy to be a part of a system that is so supportive of one another. We all bought books from her, and had her sign them. We all drank her wine (writers are good at that) and ate her cheese (that too), talked about writing, and books and laughed a lot. It was all very civilized, and I thought to myself, Academics and scientists don't do this. We don't support one another's work and applaud like we mean it when another person wins something. No, no, we want to cut their throats. Or at the very least shoot a poisoned dart in their eye. The left one.

Writers seem to realize that there are tons of books and tons of writers and ultimately, Heather's success is not my failure. It is Heather's success, and she worked damn hard for it. So clap your hands, and know that when it is your turn, she will be there for you too, clapping just as hard. And knowing Heather, probably harder.

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