Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gross Point Romy and Michelle

Final thoughts on my high school reunion.  There are no friends like the ones you grew up with.  The ones who saw you cry when you fell out of the tree, knew that your brother played the trumpet badly,  that your mom was the one who would give us all cookies, or that your dad was the one who was killed by a semi truck.  The playground friends, the ones who picked you on your ability to play dodgeball, or solve math problems.  Mostly they picked you cuz' they liked you and accepted who you were.

I remember these people as if they were clear jewels in my childhood.  Kevin Carter's crystal blue eyes. Kim's smoker laugh even at age 8, and Wendy who lived next door and how absolutely funny she was (and still is).  Michele who lived on the corner who had to wear a back brace and oh so much more.  Mostly I remember how much I loved them then, and still do now.

We remember these people and things more clearly thean we remember the high school slights, the mean girls, the keggers that were supposed to be "so fun" that weren't.  They just ended in drama, all the time.  I, very luckily, seem to have had a lobotomy about most of those people.  I don't remember them, and when I remember them, I will forget them very quickly.  Again.

The ones I do remember were already friends on Facebook, because we had always been friends.  A few were friends of friends, and a few I made friends with in High School and immediately shared a sense of humor with.  One woman I was friends with solely on Facebook even though we went to high school together, and I think she is the funniest person alive.  Some I am friends with now, because it took me so long to be person I am now that I CAN be friends with them.

We all have had grief, broken hearts, bad decisions, and joy filled moments.  When we remember this, and gravitate towards those who also have humor and love in their everyday actions, we are just fine, and it does not take a reunion to know that.

 But it took one to remind me.

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