Friday, September 9, 2011

Top Six Things VoldeMouse Teaches Children

I am not a fan of the Mouse Who Shall Not Be Named (for fear of defamation lawsuit - think I am kidding, read this). I think the Children's programming is anything but. I think the stories teach hate and subjagation. Strong words? Maybe.

1. There are no Black People in Africa.
Best Example: Tarzan. Is there a SINGLE African in the movie? Where are they? Why are all the people white. Africa is a pretty big country and the jungle isn't so small either. Surely there must be ONE. Instead we have all white characters and primitive animals who talk as comic relief.

2. Domestic Violence is the way to True Love
Best Example: Beauty and the Beast. Belle has to trade herself for her father (nothing sexist there) and tolerate being imprisoned, yelled at, watch her father be physically thrown out into the snow and cut off from all she loves. And the message? If she can just love the Beast enough, he will change.

3. Women are Secondary.
Best example: every single movie. All love interests are incapable of getting themselves out of a jam. They are they to provide justification for the directors and producers that they are catering to little girls. Because all little girls want that (not).

4. Dark people are bad. White people are heroes.
Best example(s): Jafar in Alladin, Scar in the Lion King, Cap'n Hook in Peter Pan, all the Huns and Ghengis Khan in Mulan, and my very favorite, Malificent in Sleeping Beauty. There is a list of movies on the Disney Movie Guide. I counted three protagonists of color in the last five years. Out of 81 movies. 81.

5. Older women are Ugly and Jealous.
Best examples: Urseala in The Little Mermaid, The Evil Queen in Snow White, Everyone in Cinderella, Cruella deVille in 101 Dalmations, The Witch in Tangled, and my very favorite (she truly is magnificent) Malificent in Sleeping Beauty.

6. Mothers are not necessary.
Best examples: Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Bambi, Cinderella, Mulan, Finding Nemo, Tarzan, and oh, so many others.

You get it.

I want to point out that is is the animated side of That Company, who appears to have bought out a couple of other people based on the movies they are claiming in their list.

When they teamed up with Pixar, things got better, although the formula didn't change much with the buddy movie, Toy Story. It did with the Incredibles and the kick ass Elastigirl ("Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don't THINK so.") Finding Nemo (neurotic dad searches everywhere for disabled son) and Lilo and Stitch (A broken home, but one filled with love- and how do you NOT love Cobra Bubbles?).

When it is just Disney on their own, they still crank out the popular pretty girls as desirable, and the ugly old women as lacking in worth. The white people are always in the forefront, and no moms are real characters.

With Pixar, we at least see the upcoming Brave, in which Merida a Scottish Princess is required to save her people. She fights with her mom, and has to fix it. she is also a bad ass archer.


Let's hope that a love interest, if any, is secondary to her, and she doesn't give up anything cool to be with him.

All the little girls with skinned knees and messy ponytails need this one.

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  1. Can we throw in there "racism is funny" or"PoC are comic relief"?