Sunday, November 27, 2011

Get the Fuck Up!

Okay so here is the thing.  I don't know if I am ever going to get published (but I hope I am) and I don't know if I will ever get a job again where I LOVE going to work and feel creative and as if I am not working with a bunch of douche bags who just don't get it and say racist things, but I gotta believe that I will.  Maybe I am just a half full type of person (although saying that is like saying that Charlie Sheen is ready to party).  But it feels like I have to live as if both of those things are true.

When I first started teaching I loved my job.  I mean, I LOVED it.  I said that the day I began to hate coming to work was the day i would stop doing the job.  And i did.  I began to hate my Dean and my chair, and began to dread coming to work.  My students continued to be wonderful and I continued to love them.  But the administration could choke and die.

I have been out of the classroom and off formal work situations for almost half a year, and have finally come to the realization that I need to live graciously and be as kind to myself as I can.  It is kind of liberating to know that I can get up, shower, make coffee and go to work as I write at my own desk and take myself out to lunch if i like.    It is the routine of it that I need to stick to, and when I do, I am incredibly productive.

it is the sticking to it that is hard.  I have to remember that it is not free time.  It is work time, and no I can't go read a book outside, or run to Trader Joe's because I am out of peppermint cookies.  Don't call me expecting to chat over the latest crap that came out of your co worker's mouth, or how your mom hates you today.  I can't go to the sale, but I can work in the garden as a coffee break, or have a purr session with His Orangeness Mr. Max, and all is right with the world.

But I have to get up.  And I have to get dressed as if I am going somewhere, and a shower is a good idea.  Oh and feeding Max.  Pets play better when they are fed.  And I smell better when showered and coffeed.

And this, this is the trick.

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