Thursday, December 29, 2011

why voting for gay rights is stupid

Voting for gay rights is stupid because we shouldn't have to vote on them at all.  In the Constitution is says the we are all entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It doesn't say, "except for gays." In the Bible it says love your fellow man. It doesn't say, "except for gays."  When I look at my college contract, it says treat all students with respect.  It doesn't say "except for gays."

When I served in the armed forces, the paper I signed didn't say you can talk about everything with your unit except your sexuality, even though as a woman I didn't really.  These people who have your back in emergency situations can be trusted. Not once did I think that Hans, the medic, who I knew was gay, didn't have my back, and I didn't have his.  Not once.  It simply did not occur to me.  We did talk about dates, but only slightly, as in, I had one, or Hans was busy on a given night.  No names and no sex talk.  Maybe the guys did amongst themselves, but I was never a part of it.  I did get asked for a lot of advice about girls.  (Boys are dum).

I will say that Will, our part time Lt. was kind of an ass, and none of us wanted to hear anything about any part of his life.  I am pretty sure he was straight.  Nobody asked.  Nobody cared, not because we thought it was such a big stinking secret, but because we just didn't give a toss.  When the Don't Ask, Don't Tell thing came along suddenly we began looking around a bit, but nothing really changed.  We still needed to get each others backs, that was the only thing we wanted to know.

Less than half of all adults in the US are married, and those who are married wait to get married until they are a bit older.  No one rushes to get married at the age of 20 anymore.  We wait until 30 if we get married at all. Yet, we tell a given portion of the population that they can't marry ever.

I love some of the far Christian right, who tell me that God doesn't make mistakes, and we have evidence that being gay is not a choice, so God did not make the mistake if a person was born gay.  the choice comes when you act on your desire.  Well, that is true regards of sexuality, so, okay, I will buy that.  There is no "except for"

So why are we voting on what seems to already be law, in church, in state, in our hearts?  It seems stupid to vote on a given.  Hey, everybody, let's vote on whether or not there is gravity.

What a waste of time.

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