Friday, November 2, 2012

voting with my vagina

Once again I am in class.  My friend, Texas, has a sports game on his ipad next to me.  The professor is telling us all about human performance and behavior. I think I have this one down. So I am spending time getting homework done that I missed last week when I was so sick that I had to feel better just to die.
            Tonight I want to talk about voting with my vagina.  CNN reported a study done by Kristina Durante at UTex, San Anton.  She looked at 275 women who were not taking hormonal contraception and had regular menstrual cycles. About 55% were in committed relationships, including marriage. During the fertile time of the month, when estrogen levels are higher, single women seems more likely to vote for Obama while committed women appeared more likely to vote for Romney, by a margin of at least 20%.  Yikes.
            Durante explains it like this: When women are ovulating, they "feel sexier," and therefore lean more toward liberal attitudes on abortion and marriage equality. Married women have the same hormones, but tend to take the opposite viewpoint on these issues, she says. So, the new slogan needs to be Sluts for Obama.
            You know, first:  why weren’t men’s level of hormones looked at.  When was testosterone defined as conservative?  Why are women accused of voting with their enflamed vaginal areas, while the penis remains in the pants?  And as long as we are looking liberal vs. conservative, why are we not looking at the levels of testosterone of Romney and Obama to see the differences?
Even if I am voting with my vagina, so what?  Does this meant that if I vote with my vagina I want to be raped, like Murdouck says? 
How come the idea of marriage itself isn’t being looked at? And for God’s sake WHY is only Texas (dear GOD) being examined in regards to this? That is, someone who is married in Texas may have a whole different viewpoint of why rape is God’s plan then say, me.
So here it is, my hormones are just fine, so is my brain.  I am not married.  I don’t live in Texas, and I don’t believe rape is anything but a crime.  I think this research is flawed only in the explanation being given for the findings.  I think I will vote with my genitalia.  I am not sure that this is so wrong in the first lace, especially if it means that Stupid doesn’t win.