Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BlogHer 2014 and what I learned

 The dude with his arms in the air on the screen is Guy Kawasaki.  I waved at him.  He waved back.  I felt cool for five minutes until I realized he probably didn't recognize me. ( I sit with his wife in church sometimes) Ah well, take your moments where you can.

I attended BlogHer in San Jose this year and at first I felt a little intimidated.  I still feel like that teenager in her room, tongue between the teeth making the zine that only her friends see.   Because really, how arrogant is it to have a blog that you think people want to read?  I am trying to play with the Big Girls, and found myself watching their every move with huge luminous eyes.  What I discovered was pointed out to me before I ever even got there by a wise woman friend Mamagotcha who told me everyone else was gonna be all weirded out too, and try to remember the idea of the Imposter syndrome.  Atfer banging my head against a wall once I realized she was right, I began to love being there.  

In fact, I was MEANT to be there.  Like divinely. Yes, I was too.  God reached down and smote me, until I finally got my ass out of the house and drove to the next town to attend.  And if you have never been smote, it is no joke.

I discovered lots of stuff:  for instance:

The term “scads and scads” is hilarious when said in a South Boston accent. (said by Amy of Cranberry Blogs)

Bloggers have boundaries, e.g. things they won’t write about.  Seriously.  I know if you ever read Jenny Lawson of www.Thebloggess.com it does not seem like it, but they do.

Sometimes elevator pitches aren’t sexy even if you show your boobs (from Maria Killam)

Sometimes the fit isn’t right.  When that happens, be gracious about it, and then rip them to shreds on your blog.  Anonymously, of course.

All women are beautiful once they become who they are.  I looked around at lunch on the first day to see this with new and wonderous eyes.  I never would have realized this in my twenties and am so grateful to be in my own body and my own space.  It changed my attitude and viewpoint for good.

The first rule of blogging?  Write what you know and never say no to a topic that flits across your tiny mind.  It will be brilliant.  And if it is not, meh, there is always tomorrow.

A fourteen year old feminist who is my new hero Bethany Huang

Be unapologetic.  Haters gonna hate.  Write it anyway. You can always block them.

And finally,

So. Many. Many bloggers HATE Gywnyth Paltrow (including me).  (This will be a rant post another time).  I overheard three things and a chorus of assents that led me to this conclusion.  
 1) "Does anyone even understand what this “conscious uncoupling” bullshit even MEANS????"
 2) "Hey! got a shot of Chris Martin feeding his kids a big ole pile of fries at an In-n-Out in LA.  I am SO posting it.” 
 3) “Of course she calls it Goop.  She is inarticulate.”

{flops on bed}  I had the BEST time.