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Who is the Debutante?

I'm just a girl (to borrow a phrase from Gwen Stefani).  Like all of us, I have many interests that integrate into a whole.  But it is hard to have a blog (or followers) who want to read EVERYTHING you have to say.  Even my ego isn't that big.  So I have divided the blog into several sections, all starting with the words Debutante Gone.

The reason for Debutante Gone is the original blog was a zine when I was in college and realized that I was much more than the world of well-mannered pearls and dinner parties that I was taught a good Southern Girl ought to be.  The zine (and later blog) was called Debutante Gone Wrong.  Because I was, and I did.

Many People think my feminism was a result of college.  It wasn't.  It was a result of my mother and her mother and the strong Scottish southern heritage that the family I was "come up" in emulated every day.  My grandmother was a suffragette (like two other badass women from the South called the Indigo Girls), and my mother was one of the first female chemists in the states (She helped develop Teflon and the fluorescent lightbulb! But no pressure).  In this blog, I call my mother Twinkly Girl (blue eyes that twinkled with mischief and humor), and my grandmother, Edith (because that was her name).

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